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PVC Spout

Polished Polycarbonate Manifold

Delmar Company specializes in plastic CNC machining, custom plastic fabrication methods, and hot air plastic welding. A wide range of plastic resources are used to creating complex parts with tolerances as tight as .005" or better. All products are presented to quality control before being released to the customer; the division ensures accuracy in design compliance. Our quality control system tracks the P.O. from initial quote to final shipment.

Delmar Company Quality Controlled Benefits:

  • Climate controlled machine shop with advanced tooling and inspection equipment
  • Surfware CAD/CAMTM software utilized on CNC prototype machining
  • CNC precision plastic machining and custom plastic fabrication all under one roof
  • On-site emergency repair work offered alongside portable plastic welding

Calibration is completed annually on all tooling and inspection equipment. CNC machines and fabrication equipment are also updated regularly to ensure quality controlled production. CNC machining includes CNC milling, turning, and routing machines. All fabrication processes take place in a climate controlled environment which is needed to maintain tight tolerances. We eliminate metal contamination in our plastic products by running those materials in separate areas at Delmar. Our machining, fabrication, and sealing divisions are segregated to increase flow in production.

The programming department utilizes Surfware CAD/CAMTM software for all CNC machining. By offering this option to our customers, accuracy and tolerance control are guaranteed for mass production. Prototype machining is essential when expensive parts requiring longevity or mass quantities are requested. The single part can be tested extensively in the environment in which the final product will be put to use, ensuring precision before final production.

We will work with you to determine the best materials and fabrication methods for your needs. Plastics are able to withstand harsh environments and corrosive chemicals, equaling or surpassing the performance of metal parts without the high cost. For high quality manufacturing through Delmar Company, request a quote or to learn more about our capabilities, contact us.

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