Braided Stainless Steel Expansion Joints

Braided stainless steel expansion joints are an effective, reliable solution for high temperature or high pressure applications, harsh chemicals, and water/saltwater exposure. These flexible connectors consist of bands of braided, corrugated stainless steel wrapped around a rubber or elastomer hose. Braided stainless expansion joints are ideal for joining pumps and other equipment.

Delmar Company supplies custom-made braided stainless expansion joints that are tailored to your unique needs. We offer stainless steel expansion joints from leading manufacturers, and will work with you to develop the perfect design for your application.

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The Right Stainless Steel Expansion Joint for Your Needs

If you’re working with high temperature or high pressure media, or harsh or corrosive chemicals, reliable, leak-proof joints between pipe sections are an absolute necessity. No piping or plumbing system aligns perfectly, and movement and vibration are inevitable in any application.

To accommodate for misalignments and to let your pipes move and sway without damaging pipe sections or welds, you need flexible, braided stainless steel expansion joints. To ensure a perfect fit—for both performance and safety reasons—you need a custom-designed and –manufactured solution from Delmar.

We use a series of questions (which we call STAMP) to guarantee that your braided stainless expansion joint delivers the performance and longevity you need. Please keep the questions below in mind when specifying braided stainless expansion joints for your application:

  • S: Size of the stainless steel expansion joint
  • T: Temperature range the joint will be used in
  • A: Application the joint will be used in
  • M: Media that will pass through the joint
  • P: Pressure range the joint will be used in

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