Double Jacketed Metal Gaskets

A double jacketed gasket consists of a curved metallic tube with a wide C-shaped profile, and a second metal piece that bridges the inside of the C-shape’s opening, with filler material filling the interior space. The overlap of the outer shell and the gap-bridging cover piece give the closest edges of the C-profile a double thickness. When in use, this thicker section bears the main burden of the compressed gasket and creates a reliable seal.

Delmar Company offers double jacketed metal gaskets in sizes and material combinations to meet your unique sealing needs. Request a quote on double jacket gaskets, or contact us to learn more.

Double Jacketed Gaskets for All Applications

We supply double jacketed metallic gaskets in various configurations. These include gaskets with corrugated shells, corrugated metal fillers, or Kammprofile cores, French-type double jacket gaskets (with exposed filler materials on the O.D.), and more. No matter what your application, we can supply the double jacketed metal gasket you need.

The unique construction of these gaskets makes a huge variety of material combinations possible. Our expert team is available, as needed, to help you find the best material options for your project. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Safety is Our #1 Priority

Using the wrong gasket or the wrong gasket material can lead to gasket failure, personal injury, or worse. That’s why Delmar Company works hard to ensure that you receive the best, most effective, and safest double jacketed gasket for your application.

We use a series of questions, which we call STAMP, to guarantee that you get the right gasket for your unique needs. Please keep the following questions in mind when specifying your metallic double jacketed gaskets:

  • S: Size of the gasket
  • T: Temperature range in which the gasket will operate
  • A: Application—is it a heat exchanger? a valve? a pump? etc.
  • M: Media—what will the gasket prevent from leaking
  • P: Pressure range in which the gasket will operate

If we can’t provide the best and safest double jacket gasket for your application, we’ll help you track down the product for your needs—even if that means sending you to another supplier. If we can’t be sure that we’re selling you the safest option, we won’t sell you anything at all. Safety is and has always been our #1 priority.

Contact Us for Double Jacketed Metal Gaskets

We are your #1 source for double jacketed metal gaskets. Request a quote or contact Delmar Company today!

We also offer standard and special metallic gaskets, metallic heat exchanger gaskets, corrugated metal gaskets, metallic Kammprofile, and metallic ring joint gaskets.