Expansion Joints

An expansion joint, also known as a movement joint, is an assembly designed to accommodate for thermal expansion and contraction, movement, and vibration in a piping or ductwork system. Expansion joints also allow for some degree of misalignment and displacement between two stationary sections of pipe or duct.

Ultimately, an expansion joint allows the connected pipe or duct sections to move and shift—for any number of reasons—without breaking welds or the sections themselves.

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Expansion Joints from Delmar Company

Because no two piping or duct systems are the same, there are no “off the shelf” solutions for expansion joints. Every expansion joint that we supply is either handmade or custom-molded to fit the specific application at hand.

To give our customers the best and longest-lasting expansion joints possible, we offer top quality products from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including:

Our expansion joint suppliers provide products in a variety of styles and configurations. We offer:

The Right Expansion Joint for Your Application

We use a series of questions, which we call STAMP, to ensure that the custom expansion joint(s) you receive provide a perfect fit for your system and meet your application and performance requirements. Please keep the following questions in mind when specifying the expansion joints you need:

  • S: Size of the expansion joint; the diameters of the open ends and the distance from component A to component B
  • T: Temperature range the expansion joint will be operating
  • A: Application in which the expansion joint will be utilized
  • M: Media that will pass through the expansion joint
  • P: Pressure range in which the expansion joint will operate

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