Delrin® & Acetal

Acetal, also known as polyoxymethylene, is an engineering thermoplastic known for its high stiffness, low friction, and superior dimensional stability. Acetal is used to produce everything from gear wheels to lock systems to eyeglass frames.

Delrin® is DuPont’s proprietary acetal formula. The two terms, acetal and Delrin®, can be used more or less interchangeably. Delrin® is specially engineered for high load mechanical applications, such as gear, door systems, and safety restraints.

Advantages of Acetal

  • Good dimensional stability
  • High strength, stiffness, and fatigue endurance
  • Superior impact and creep resistance
  • Low moisture absorption

Properties of Acetal

Acetal is a crystalline plastic that provides a unique balance of characteristics that allow it to bridge the gap between plastics and metals. The material is available in  “general purpose” copolymer grades, homopolymer grades, and in a number of filled grades. In general, acetal exhibits high tensile strength, stiffness, and creep resistance, as well as excellent impact resistance.

Compared to most other plastic materials, acetal parts can be thinner and lighter, with no compromise on strength or durability. Acetal’s moisture and chemical resistance make it ideal for industrial and outdoor applications.

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