Open Cell Sponge Gaskets & Closed Cell Sponge Gaskets

ANSI-Standard & Custom Gaskets for All Applications

Delmar Company is your #1 source for ANSI-standard and custom gaskets manufacture from open cell or closed cell sponge materials. Using a state-of-the-art Atom Flashcutter system, we can produce high precision sponge gaskets with tolerances as close as ±0.008” or better, for even the most complex gasket profiles.

We will work with any ANSI gasket spec you need, or from your CAD, DXF, or DIE design files, to manufacture standard or custom sponge rubber gaskets that match your unique specifications.

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Open Cell & Closed Cell Sponge Rubber Gaskets from the Experts

Commonly referred to as foam rubber or expanded rubber, sponge rubber is a popular and widely-used gasketing material. Manufactured foam rubber is generally lightweight and buoyant, provides good thermal and acoustic insulation and impact dampening, and is more compressible than solid rubbers.

Open cell sponge rubber is permeated with open, interconnected pockets that allow for the passage of air, water, and other media. It maintains its shape very well when compressed, and many varieties exhibit good resistance to oils and other chemicals.

Closed cell sponge rubber is made up of tiny, gas-filled, balloon-like cells which prevent the passage of media. It is highly durable, with strong compression set and recovery characteristics. Most varieties are weather, oil, and chemical resistant.

The Delmar team will work with you to determine if open cell or closed cell sponge—or a different rubber gasket material—is best for your application and performance requirements. Material selection is based on a number of key factors, such as process pressures and temperatures, sealing requirements, and chemical compatibility.

We use what we call “STAMP questions” to help us find out what material will work best for your gasketing needs. Please keep the following questions in mind when specifying your standard or custom gaskets:

  • S: Size of the gasket
  • T: Temperature range the gasket will be used in
  • A: Application—is it a pump? a valve? a flange? etc.
  • M: Media—what will the gasket prevent from leaking?
  • P: Pressure range the gasket will be used in

Safety is Our #1 Priority

Using the wrong material can lead to gasket failure, equipment damage, personal injury, or worse. To prevent these incidents, we do everything in our power to ensure that your ANSI or custom gaskets are manufactured from the material that is best-suited to your needs.

If we aren’t 100% certain that the material we recommend will provide safe and dependable performance in your application, we’ll help you find a material that fits the bill—even if that means sending your project to another supplier. We don’t sell products just to make a sale; if we can’t provide the right material for your needs, we won’t sell you anything at all. Safety is, was, and always will be our first priority.

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