Plastic Assembly Services

Following machining and/or other fabrication of your plastic parts, Delmar Company can assemble your products or components of your products to save you time and money on your project. Our plastic assembly services help make us a true one-stop-shop for complete plastic parts and products. We do more of the work so you don’t have to!

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Start-to-Finish Plastic Assembly

With Delmar, you get complete, start-to-finish service for your plastic parts/products. We will turn your designs into tangible products, turning raw plastic materials into the parts or components you need and assembling those components into finished products (or close to finished—we’ll handle as much of the assembly process as you’d like us to).

We can even box your assemblies in your final packaging so they’re ready for you to ship out to your customers.

Delmar Company offers a broad range of assembly capabilities. Some of the more common assembly processes we perform for our customers include:

  • Adding fittings
  • Installing plumbing
  • Drilling and tapping holes
  • Installing threaded inserts
  • Adding Teflon tape to threads
  • Boxing and/or other packaging

Over the years, we’ve provided assembly services for manifolds, medical filtration devices, and everything in between. We can deliver even the most complex assemblies in quick turnarounds and at competitive prices. Delmar Company is ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality control.

Contact Us for Complete Assembly

From machining and fabrication to assembly and final packaging, we are the full-service providers your project needs. Request a quote on plastic assembly, or contact Delmar Company for more information.