Plastic Bending & Plastic Forming Services

To turn raw plastic materials into the custom parts and components you need, Delmar Company provides plastic bending and plastic forming services. Our bending and forming capabilities enable us to deliver plastic parts that meet your unique specifications.

Plastic Bending & Forming Capabilities

We have the capabilities to line bend up to 48”, and can form radiuses up to 2”. Our in-house bending/forming oven helps make plastic materials more pliable and easier to work with, thus ensuring higher precision bends and radiuses and better overall quality of bent and formed parts.

In-House Mold Making

With an in-house machine shop, we can create custom male-female molds for plastic forming. These molds are custom-made to match our customers’ exact designs. Simply provide us with your part design files, and we’ll produce the molds needed to form your parts. This helps us deliver high quality formed plastic parts with perfect repeatability from the first piece to the last.

Design for Manufacturability

To make your plastic parts and components easier—and therefore less expensive—to produce, Delmar Company offers “design for manufacturability” service. Working from your original designs, we can suggest modifications and alterations that will reduce the complexity of your formed, bent, or fabricated parts without sacrificing performance. Ultimately, this gives you better quality parts, with the fit and functionality you need, at lower costs and often with faster turnaround times.

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We also offer plastic welding, plastic gluing, component modifications, tank fabrication, plastic repair, and assembly, as well as complete plastic machining capabilities.