Plastic Plating Tanks & Containment Tanks

Let Delmar Company design and fabricate the custom plastic tank you need! We can deliver plastic plating line tanks and containment tanks in any size or configuration your application requires. Simply provide us with your dimensions and material specifications, and we will turn high quality plastic sheet stock into a sturdy, leak-proof tank.

Complete Plastic Tank Fabrication

From start to finish, we will manufacture your entire plating or containment tank. We will procure the specified materials, cut the plastic sheet to the required sizes, weld the bottom, sides, and top (if needed) together via extrusion welding, and install fixtures, plumbing, pumps, heaters, and any other hardware or components your tank needs.

We leak test every plating tank and containment tank we manufactured to ensure all joints and seams are liquid-tight.

The Delmar team can assist you with material selection and wall thickness considerations to give you the best and most reliable tank for your unique application. As needed, we can also provide a removable lid for your tank.

We also manufacture custom metal plating line tanks, complete with plumbing, fixtures, etc.

Contact Us for Custom Plastic Tanks

Request a quote on the custom plastic plating tank or plastic containment tank you need. Contact Delmar Company to learn more.