PTFE Gaskets & Sealing Products

Delmar Company delivers high precision ANSI PTFE gaskets, as well as custom PTFE gaskets made to your specifications. PTFE, better known as Teflon™, is ideal for a wide range of uses, from standard-duty applications to high pressures and extreme temperatures.

With our advanced Atom Flashcutter system, we can manufacture PTFE gaskets and sealing products with near-perfect precision and perfect repeatability. Using CNC technology, our system can maintain dimensional tolerances within ±0.008” and cut PTFE as thick as 1/2”.

Working from the ANSI standard you specify or your CAD, DXF, or DIE files, we will produce standard or custom Teflon™ gaskets that match your application and performance requirements. Whether you need 100 gaskets or 100,000, each one will be an exact copy of the one that came before it.

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Standard & Custom PTFE Gaskets from the Experts

PTFE may provide some, many, or most of the characteristics your application requires, but that doesn’t necessarily means it’s the ideal material for your needs. Our experts will work with you to ensure your gaskets are made from the best and most effective material/grade for your specific application. Material selection is based on a range of factors: process temperature and pressure, chemical compatibility, sealing capabilities, and more.

We use a series of questions, which we call STAMPS, to find the best material for your standard or custom gaskets and sealing products. Please keep the following questions in mind when specifying gaskets for your application:

  • S: Size of the gasket
  • T: Temperature range the gasket will be operating in
  • A: Application—is it a heat exchanger? a flange? a pump? etc.
  • M: Media—what will the gasket prevent from leaking?
  • P: Pressure range the gasket will be operating in

Safety is Our #1 Priority

Choosing the right material is of utmost importance; the wrong material can lead to gasket failure, personal injury, or worse. With that in mind, we do everything we can to ensure that your standard or custom gaskets are manufactured from the material that is best-suited to your application.

If we’re not 100% sure that the material we recommend will work safely in your application, we will help you find a material that will. Even if it means sending you to another manufacturer. We don’t sell products just to make a sale—if we can’t provide the material your application requires, we won’t sell you anything at all. Safety is always our top priority.

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For standard or custom PTFE gaskets or sealing products, no matter how simple or complex the design, Delmar Company is your #1 source. Request a quote or contact us today!

We also offer non-asbestos gaskets, graphite gaskets, fiberglass gaskets, ceramic gaskets, high temp exhaust gaskets, and molded rail car gaskets.

Teflon™ is a registered trademark of Chemours-DuPont.