PTFE Packing for Pumps & Valves

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) compression packing is ideal for pumps and valves used in a variety of applications. PTFE packing is a good general purpose option, and is the material of choice for FDA-approved applications and those involving harsh chemicals. Delmar Company offers PTFE compression packing from leading manufacturers, and we’ll work with you to find the best option for your needs.

The Right PTFE Packing for Your Application

PTFE compression packing may be made from braided strands of PTFE material, or from standard packing yarn that is dipped or coated with PTFE. Some forms of PTFE packing are better for higher pump shaft rotation speeds, while others are better suited for slower speed applications or valves. All of our PTFE compression packing options provide reliable leakage control, reduced friction, high chemical resistance, and long working life. FDA-approved PTFE packing is available for food/beverage or pharmaceutical processing applications.

To ensure that you receive the best and most effective PTFE packing for your pump or valve application, we use a series of questions that we call STAMPS. Please keep the following questions in mind when specifying the PTFE compression packing you need:

  • S: Size of the pump or valve opening to be sealed
  • T: Temperature range the compression packing will be used in
  • A: Application—is it a centrifugal pump? a valve? a rotary pump? etc.
  • M: Media—what must the compression packing prevent from leaking?
  • P: Pressure range the packing will be used in
  • S: Speed the compression packing must withstand—centrifugal motion, high RPMs, etc.

If your application requires PTFE compression packing from a specific manufacturer, please let us know and we will do our best to find the right product for your needs from your preferred manufacturer.

We offer PTFE compression packing in a range of standard sizes to fit most any application. However, if our standard PTFE packing doesn’t meet your requirements, we can, in many cases, work with manufacturers to produce custom compression packing to match your specifications.

Contact Us for PTFE Compression Packing

If you need PTFE compression packing for your pumps and valves, Delmar Company is the only name you need to know. Request a quote or contact us today!

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