Standard & Custom Rubber Gaskets

Utilizing state-of-the-art Atom Flashcutter technology and the highest quality materials available, Delmar Company manufactures rubber gaskets for all applications. We provide standard gaskets to meet ANSI specifications, as well as custom gaskets that match your exact design requirements.

Delmar has the capabilities to create any unique shape or profile you may need, while maintaining the tight tolerances your gaskets require (±0.008”). CNC fabrication technology enables us to achieve maximum yield with minimal scrap, for reduced material costs. All rubber gasket materials are readily available for fast, efficient production with short turnaround times.

We will work with your ANSI specs or CAD, DXF, or DIE design files to produce standard or custom gaskets that match your unique specifications.

Request a quote on standard or custom rubber gaskets, or contact Delmar for more information.

Rubber Gasket Materials

We manufacture standard and custom rubber gaskets from a variety of high quality materials, giving you options for everything from general service gaskets to aggressive chemical applications. Every material we work with offers unique performance characteristics; however, these properties can be affected significantly by the application and the conditions/environment in which the gasket is used. For example, the temperature rating of a rubber gasket will lower as the applied pressure increases, no matter what the material.

If you’re not sure which material is right for your gasketing application, the experts at Delmar will work with you to determine what sort of rubber gasket is best suited to your needs. Contact us to discuss your application and material requirements.

FDA & NSF 61 Rubber Gaskets

While every gasket application requires the right material, some have more stringent requirements than others. We provide FDA-approved rubber gaskets for food and beverage production, and NSF 61-approved rubber gaskets for potable water applications. FDA gaskets may be manufactured from a number of specialized materials; NSF 61 gaskets are manufactured primarily from SBR, EPDM, and Viton.

Rubber Gaskets for Flanges

Our rubber gaskets are ideal for use in lightweight fiberglass or plastic flanges. Because rubber materials are highly compressible, they require less bolt load to create an effective seal.

Safety is Our Highest Priority

Using the wrong gasket in your application can lead to equipment damage, personal injury, or worse. At Delmar Company, we do everything we can to ensure that the products we provide will keep you, your personnel, and your facility safe. If we’re not 100% confident that what we recommend will work safely in your application, we will guide you in the direction of the right product for the job—even if that means sending you to a different supplier.

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