Spool Joints

In All Elastomers, With or Without Teflon Lining

Spool joints, or spool type expansion joints, are designed to accommodate for movement and misalignment between adjoining pipes. Named for their overall shape, spool joints feature flanges at both ends and a rubber membrane in the center that allows; many different configurations are available, but all spool joints adhere to this same general design.

Delmar Company supplies handmade and custom-molded spool type expansion joints that match your unique requirements. We offer spool joints from some of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, and will work with you to develop the perfect design for your application.

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The Right Spool Joint for Your Needs

Whether caused by gradual shifting over time or due to design limitations, pipe misalignments are all but unavoidable in larger plumbing and piping systems. And every system experiences movement and vibration that must be accounted for to avoid damage. To fit the dimensions and requirements of your system, every spool type expansion joint we provide is a custom-designed and –manufactured product.

We can provide spool joints in any elastomer material your application requires. Material selection is based on a number of factors, including process temperatures and pressures, chemical compatibility, and sealing requirements, among others.

Your custom spool joints can be manufactured with a Teflon® liner, as needed, to withstand harsh chemicals and challenging operating conditions.

To guarantee that your spool type expansion joint delivers optimum performance and longevity in your system, we use a series of questions that we call STAMP. Please keep these questions in mind when specifying your spool joint:

  • S: Size of the spool joint
  • T: Temperature range in which the spool joint will be used
  • A: Application in which the spool joint will be used
  • M: Media that will pass through the spool joint
  • P: Pressure range in which the spool joint will be used

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