Fluid Sealing Products

Delmar Sealing Products Division

Delmar Company has been producing high quality, high precision fluid sealing products for more than 20 years through our dedicated Sealing Products Division. Headed by a team with over 55 years of combined experience in the fluid sealing industry, Delmar focuses on custom and “hard to find” products. We also offer a wide range of standard, off the shelf items.

We deliver standard and custom gaskets and sealing products that are equal to or better than our competitors products, at a lower cost. We take pride in our ability to save our customers money on the sealing products they need without sacrificing quality or precision.

Gaskets, Expansion Joints and Much More

Delmar Company offers a wide range of fluid sealing products, from "every day” ANSI gaskets to specialty products designed for high temperature and/or high pressure applications.

Our fluid sealing products include:

Select custom products, such as piping expansion joints, are designed to minimize vibration and movement in industrial piping, and, by extension, increase the longevity of your equipment and facilities.

Fluid Sealing Products from the Experts

All custom fluid sealing products are designed and engineered to customer specifications. We manufacture the custom products you need when off the shelf parts won’t work. We will work with your designs to determine the best gasketing and sealing materials for your unique application. Material selection is based on temperature/pressure levels, chemical application, sealing capabilities, and other application and performance requirements.

Our Focus

We work to provide high quality, low cost products backed by experience and knowledge. We will not provide a product that we haven’t thoroughly researched through the vast application engineering resources at our disposal…and yours!

Safety is Our Highest Priority

At Delmar Company, we do everything in our power to ensure that the products we supply will keep you, your personnel, and your plant safe. If we are not 100% confident that what we recommend will work safely in your application, we will guide you in the direction of the right product for the job.

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Delmar Company is the best choice for the fluid sealing products you need. We provide premium quality products at well below premium prices. Request a quote or contact us today!