Plastic Prototyping Services

To help you take your new products from the conceptual stage to the final design quickly and inexpensively, Delmar Company offers complete plastic prototyping services. No matter how simple or complex your parts are, we can deliver high quality, high precision prototypes that will allow you to test the fit, form, and function of your designs.

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Design Assistance & More

For more than twenty years, Delmar Company has been creating quality plastic components, fittings, and more via CNC plastic machining and plastic fabrication processes. With our extensive experience, we know what works and what doesn’t when manufacturing plastic products, and can suggest design changes to improve manufacturability and/or lower production costs without compromising the functionality of your part or product. We can suggest material changes that will result in better performing, longer lasting parts.

In producing plastic prototypes, we work directly from your part designs. Whether you’ve got a complete CAD/CAM file or just a rough sketch on paper, we can turn your design into a tangible prototype.

Plastic Prototyping for Metal Part Replacement

Plastic parts make effective replacement for metal parts for a variety of reasons. In general, they’re lighter weight, lower cost, and can better withstand chemicals and harsh environments. If you’re looking to transition from metal to plastic parts in your products—whatever those products may be—Delmar Company’s plastic prototyping service is the solution you need.

By choosing plastic parts over metal, you can save money on both fabrication and repair. In many applications, plastic’s functionality is equal to or greater than that of metal, making the transition that much easier. Our prototyping capabilities make it easy for you to test a variety of plastic materials to determine which will best serve your purposes. The Delmar team can help you find the right material for your application and performance requirements.

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