The Plastic Fabrication Experts

Delmar Company are the plastic fabrication experts. With our range of capabilities and expertise, you could think of us as a combination cabinetmaker/sheet metal shop, but working exclusively with plastic materials. We produce nothing but custom products, all of which are manufactured and assembled to perfectly match our customers’ unique designs.

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Turnkey Plastic Fabrication

Delmar works mainly with plastics, and this focus gives us an edge over many of our competitors in the custom fabrication market. We know what to expect from plastic materials, and how to utilize these materials to their fullest.

Using a variety of services, we will turn your designs into tangible, high quality parts and products. We can help you develop and refine your designs to deliver the fit, form, and function your application requires. Our plastic fabrication services include:

Why Choose Delmar for Custom Plastic Fabrication?

Superior Craftsmanship & Diverse Capabilities

At Delmar Company, we take pride in the superior craftsmanship of our fabricated plastic products. We create a broad range of products for customers in all industries, from interactive children’s displays for museums to cleanroom cabinetry to secondary containment tanks for chemical plants. Our products are manufactured from top quality materials and are built to last.

In-House Plastic Machining

With a full complement of precision CNC plastic machining capabilities—including milling, routing, and turning—we produce the individual parts for your fabricated product in-house to ensure quality and dimensional accuracy. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality control processes.

Special Processing for Better Quality Products

We have the ability to anneal plastic materials prior to processing, which helps us achieve tight tolerances and deliver better quality parts. Annealing de-stresses the plastic, stabilizing it and reducing “movement” during machining. Annealed plastics are easier to machine with high accuracy and precision, and can result in better surface finishes for your products.

All our plastic fabrication and machining processes are performed in temperature- and climate-controlled environments. This eliminates the negative effects that humidity and high heat can have on plastics before, during, and after fabrication.

Prototyping Services

Delmar provides prototyping services to help you take your plastic products from the design stages through full production. We offer fast turnarounds and extensive product testing capabilities, which helps keep your project moving to meet your critical deadlines. Design changes for each different iteration can be incorporated quickly and efficiently. Our economical prototyping services will ensure that your products work precisely as intended before moving into mass production.

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Delmar Company are the plastic fabrication experts. Request a quote on welding, forming, plating, and more for your project. Contact us for more information.