Plastic Machining

Delmar Company are the plastic machining specialists. Using advanced equipment and proven processes, we provide a full range of CNC machining services to complement our custom plastic fabrication capabilities and give our customers high quality, high precision parts with the tight tolerances they require.

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High Precision Plastic Milling, Routing & Turning

At Delmar, we work mainly with plastic materials, a focus that gives us an edge over many of our competitors in the custom machining industry. We understand the intricacies and characteristics of plastic materials and know how to use them to their fullest. For over twenty years, we’ve provided high-speed CNC machining services and created custom parts and components from a wide range of standard and specialty plastic materials.

We utilize state of the art machinery and CAD/CAM software to perform precision CNC millingCNC routing, and CNC turning. We maintain tight tolerances of ±0.005” or better, along with perfect repeatability from the first piece to the last. Delmar delivers custom machined plastic products that match our customers exact designs.

When the right material is used, precision machined plastic parts can be a safe and highly effective replacement for metal parts. Using plastic parts can significantly reduce the overall weight of your product, and can save you money on both production and repair. Our expert team will help you select the right material(s) for your project, based on your application and performance requirements.

Based in Lakeville, Minnesota, we serve clients all across the United States in all industries. If you need custom machined plastic parts, you need Delmar Company.

Why Choose Delmar for Custom Plastic Machining?

Tight Tolerances & A Better Fit

Delmars precision plastic machining services are the best and most economical way to produce the parts and components you need. We hold far tighter tolerances than plastic injection molding processes can, and our CNC machining capabilities eliminate draft angles to provide closer interference fit for compatible parts.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality control processes.

No Tooling Costs

For low to medium volume production, plastic machining is far less expensive than molding. All plastic molding processes require molds and tooling, at significant cost to you, the customer. With CNC machining, all we need are your product’s digital design files.

We retain customer design files and project data (with double backups) to make later production runs faster and easier. All files and data are kept 100% confidential.

Special Processing Ensures Better Results

Prior to machining, we have the ability to anneal our plastics to help us achieve tight tolerances and deliver better quality parts. Annealing a plastic involves bringing the material to a specific, pre-determined temperature, holding it at that temp for a prescribed length of time, and allowing it to cool. This takes any stresses out of the material and stabilizes it, resulting in less “movement” during machining.

We perform all our plastic machining processes in temperature- and climate-controlled environments. This eliminates the negative effects that humidity and other environmental factors can have on plastics before, during, and after machining.

Fabrication, Prototyping & More

In addition to CNC plastic machining, Delmar Company also offers complete plastic fabrication, including plastic weldingforming, and more.

We provide prototype machining to take your product from the design stage through full production. With fast turnarounds and product testing capabilities, we will keep your project moving to help you meet critical deadlines. Design changes can be incorporated quickly and efficiently. Our cost effective prototyping service ensures that your part will work exactly as intended prior to mass production.

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Delmar Company is the plastic machining specialist. Request a quote on CNC milling, routing, or turning for your project. Contact us to learn more.