The #1 Source for Custom Plastic Parts & Fluid Sealing Products

Delmar Company specializes in the fabrication and machining of custom plastic parts and the manufacture of ANSI-standard and custom fluid sealing products. With more than 25 years experience and ISO 9001:2015 certification, we are the supplier you can count on for high precision, high quality products for all applications.


CNC Plastic Machining & Custom Plastic Fabrication

Delmar utilizes advanced CNC plastic machining technology and proven plastic fabrication processes to produce custom products from a variety of materials, from PVC and polypropylene to Delrin and other “exotic” plastics.

Our 32,000 square-foot plastics facilities are fully climate-controlled, which helps us maintain the tight tolerances our customers require (within ±0.005” or better). Our CNC plastic machining and plastic fabrication processes are segregated into separate areas to ensure efficient, high quality production.

Delmar Company: The Experts in Custom Plastic Machining and Fabrication & Fluid Sealing Products

We use TopSolid™-CAD/CAM software to guarantee that all finished products are a perfect match for the customer’s designs. This software also helps ensure that the design is sound before time and money are wasted in production. We continually update and upgrade our equipment to stay on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology.

Delmar delivers superior quality plastic parts that are a cost-effective alternative to metal components, along with high precision gaskets and fluid sealing products that match your exact specifications.

Request a quote on the plastic parts or fluid sealing products you need. Contact Delmar Company to discuss your project or to learn more.

ANSI-Standard & Custom Fluid Sealing Products

Delmars fluid sealing engineers have over 60 years of combined experience in the field. Our state of the art Atom Flashcutter system ensures superior precision for both ANSI-standard gaskets and custom fluid sealing products made to match customer specifications. We work with a wide range of fluid sealing materials, and are experts in finding the right material for any application, from industrial heat exchangers to liquid-hauling railroad cars.

Our fluid sealing products division operates out of a separate, fully-equipped, 6,500 square-foot facility just yards away from our plastic machining building.