Plastic Machining: CNC Routing

Delmar Company are the plastic machining specialists. With over two decades of experience, proven processes, and advanced equipment, we can deliver high precision CNC plastic routing for simple and complex parts and components, with tolerances of ±0.005” or better. 

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High Precision CNC Routing

Delmar utilizes state-of-the-art CNC routers to ensure superior precision and accuracy, with perfect repeatability from the first piece to the last. We make regular investments in the latest and greatest routers and CNC machining equipment to stay at the cutting edge of industry technology and to give our customers the best possible products.

We have capacity up to 5’ x 10’ x 8” (on the X, Y, and Z axes, respectively), with CAD/CAM compatibility to guarantee that your routed parts will match your designs exactly. We use computer-aligned nesting to generate maximum part yield from plastic panels, saving you money on material costs.

Special tooling “umbrellas” hold up to 30 tools at a time for fast, automated tool changeover during processing.

All our CNC routers are equipped with vacuum systems that clear chips and swarf throughout the routing process for improved precision and better, cleaner parts. One of our routers also features a misting system that keeps the equipment cool, making it easier to maintain tight tolerances for intricate part designs.

A climate-controlled production facility ensures that temperature and humidity won’t affect our processes or your parts.

Benefits of Delmar’s CNC Plastic Routing

  • Tight tolerance milling: ±0.005” or better
  • Tooling umbrellas provide automated changeover for faster production
  • Size capacity up to 5’ x 10’ x 10”
  • Nesting capabilities provide maximum part yield for reduced material costs
  • Vacuum & misting systems clean away material chips for improved performance
  • Annealing & climate control further enhance precision and accuracy

Delmar Company also offers CNC plastic millingCNC plastic turningplastic fabricationprototyping, and more.

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