Plastic Machining: CNC Plastic Milling Services

Delmar Company are the plastic machining specialists. We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide high precision CNC plastic milling for parts, components, and products of all types, with tolerances of ±0.005” or better.

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High Speed, High Precision CNC Milling

With a variety of CNC milling machines at our disposal, Delmar provides high speed, high precision plastic milling. We have both vertical and horizontal mills, as well as 3-, 4- and 5-axis capabilities for complex part designs. And, with capacity up to 20” x 50” x 25” (on the X, Y, and Z axes, respectively), we can produce larger milled plastic parts than most other shops.

All our CNC mills are fully enclosed and feature through-spindle cooling systems. These features improve milling tolerances and lead to better surface finishes on milled plastic parts. CAD/CAM compatibility ensures that your milled parts match your designs exactly.

For higher-volume projects, our horizontal CNC mills can reduce costs considerably. Our horizontal CNC milling system features an auto-loading system that enables one pallet to be prepped and loaded while another is being processed. This allows for nonstop production—including overnight, “lights out” operation—and far faster turnaround times.

Our climate-controlled facility ensures that temperature and humidity won’t affect our processes or your parts.

Benefits of Delmar’s CNC Plastic Milling

  • Tight tolerance milling: ±0.005” or better
  • Vertical & horizontal milling machines
  • 3- & 4-axis milling capabilities
  • Size capacity up to 20” x 50” x 25”
  • Automated pallet change system for fast, nonstop production on high-quantity projects
  • Annealing & climate control further improve precision and accuracy

Delmar Company also offers CNC plastic routingCNC plastic turningplastic fabricationprototyping, and more.

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