Redesigning & Prototype Machining

Stainless Steel to PVC

Delmar Company creates quality plastic components and fittings using various techniques for plastic parts fabrication. Plastic is a cost-effective alternative to metal for a variety of reasons such as their ability in withstanding chemicals and harsh environments, giving a longer lifespan on various products including plastic tank fittings.

Delmar Company also provides a prototype machining service which is important to customers who are transitioning from metal to plastic fittings. We can take your original design and create one or two prototypes by utilizing our Surfware CAD/CAMTM software. Through rigorous testing on your end, our products will prove their quality, durability and longevity.

By choosing plastic parts over metal, you can save money on both fabrication and repair. The functionality of plastic can be equal to that of metal which makes transitioning a much easier decision. Plastic is easy to obtain, durable, and strong enough to be a safe, cost-effective alternative.

For more information, contact us. Request a quote for prototype machining and mass production to convert your metal parts & fittings to plastic!

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