Mechanical Seals

A mechanical seal is a device used to contain fluid within a centrifugal pump or other vessel where a rotating shaft passes through a stationary housing. Mechanical seals for centrifugal pumps feature two sealing faces: a rotating or dynamic face which rotates with the shaft, and a static face, or seat, which remains stationary. The rotating face is made from a harder material than the static face, and as it spins, it wears a groove into the seat, which creates a liquid-tight seal.

Because the two faces of a mechanical seal are constantly rotating against one another, a significant amount of heat is generated. To keep the faces cool and lubricated, mechanical seals incorporate external flushing systems that pump coolant into the seal. This coolant is introduced at a higher pressure than the media being pumped to create positive pressure and keep the media from infiltrating the seal faces.

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Mechanical Seals and Mechanical Seal Repair from Delmar Company

Delmar Company offers high quality, high performance mechanical seals for centrifugal pumps. We team with Flex-A-Seal, Vulcan, and other leading manufacturers to provide cartridge mechanical seals and single spring mechanical seals to give our customers effective sealing solutions for all pumping applications. Through these partnerships, we can provide mechanical seals that are interchangeable with cartridge seals or single spring seals from John Crane, U.S. Seal, Pac-Seal, Flygt, Flowserve, AES, Sepco, and other manufacturers.

Cartridge Mechanical Seals

More expensive than single spring seals but far easier to install, cartridge mechanical seals are self-contained devices with all parts and components in a single unit. Available in multiple configurations and with a variety of sealing face material combinations and o-ring options.

Single-Spring Mechanical Seals

While installation is a much more involved process for single-spring mechanical seals, they are also significantly less expensive than cartridge seals. We offer single-spring seals for clockwise and counterclockwise rotating centrifugal pumps in a wide range of sizes and with numerous sealing face and o-ring material options.

Mechanical Seal Repair Service

Delmar Company offers full-service mechanical seal repair to extend the life of your cartridge seals at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Your damaged cartridge mechanical seals will be repaired to original OEM specifications.

The Right Mechanical Seal for Your Application

Most customers already know the type, size, and/or configuration of mechanical seal their centrifugal pump requires. However, if you’re not sure what you need, Delmar Company can help you find the right option for your pump. To ensure that you receive the correct mechanical seal, we use a series of questions we call STAMPS. Please keep the following questions in mind when specifying the mechanical seal you need:

  • S: Size of the rotating shaft to be sealed
  • T: Temperature range in which the mechanical seal will be used
  • A: Application in which it will be used
  • M: Media the seal will be containing
  • P: Pressure range in which it will be used
  • S: Speed the mechanical seal must withstand (maximum pump RPMs)

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