Plastic Gluing Service

With the right adhesive, gluing plastic can be a fast and highly effective way to join multiple parts into a single product. Delmar Company has extensive plastic gluing experience that, combined with our other plastic machining and plastic fabrication capabilities, enables us to deliver custom parts and components that meet your unique requirements.

The Plastic Gluing & Bonding Experts

Using specialty primers and adhesives, we can permanently bond the individual plastic components that make up your product. Based on the material your parts are made of and their intended application, we will determine what sort of adhesive/bonding process will work best for your needs.


While not all plastic materials are able to be glued, many of the most common plastics are. Delmar works with:

  • PVC
  • ABS
  • Acrylic
  • Polycarbonate

If your materials are not suitable for gluing, we offer full-service plastic welding.

Contact Us for Plastic Gluing & More

Request a quote on plastic gluing for your parts and components, or contact Delmar Company for more information.

We also offer plastic welding, plastic bending and forming, component modifications, tank fabrication, plastic repair, and assembly, as well as complete plastic machining capabilities.