Metal Expansion Joints

For demanding pipe and ducting applications that encounter high pressures, high temperatures, and/or harsh chemicals, metal expansion joints are the safest and most dependable solution. Available in numerous configurations, metal expansion joints can be used in temperatures ranging from -420° to 1,800°F (-251° to 982°C) and pressures up to 1,000 psi.

Delmar Company supplies customized metal expansion joints that are designed and built for a perfect fit on your piping or ductwork system. We provide metal expansion joints from top manufacturers, and will work with you to develop a design that meets your application and performance requirements.

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The Right Metal Expansion Joint for Your Needs

High pressure, high temperature media and harsh and/or corrosive chemicals demand safe, reliable, and leak-free joints between pipe or duct sections. But, because no piping or ductwork system is perfectly designed, and because movement and vibration can’t be avoided in most (if not all) applications, you need a way to accommodate for these factors without damaging your system.

That’s where our metal expansion joints come in. While they don’t offer as much flexibility as rubber or elastomer expansion joints, metal expansion joints are better suited to challenging applications and hazardous media.

We use a series of questions, called “STAMP,” to ensure that your customized metal expansion joints deliver the performance and longevity your application demands. Please keep these questions in mind when specifying the metal expansion joints you need:

  • S: Size of the metal expansion joint
  • T: Temperature range in which your expansion joint will be used
  • A: Application the metal expansion joint will be used in
  • M: Media that will pass through the joint
  • P: Pressure range in which your metal expansion joint will be used

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