Single Spring Mechanical Seals for Centrifugal Pumps

Single spring mechanical seals for centrifugal pumps consist of two very flat faces, one rotating (dynamic) and one stationary (static), that slide against each other to form a seal; these faces are pressed together by a spring. The pumped media creates a fluid film between the two faces and prevents the dynamic face from actually touching the static face and prevents dry running from damaging the seal.

Single spring seals are the most economical type of mechanical seal for centrifugal pumps, but installation can be somewhat challenging. Users must know the proper working length and the spring compression required for their pump. If either of these factors is miscalculated, the seal can fail.

Single Spring Seals from Delmar Company

Delmar Company offers high quality, high performance single spring mechanical seals for centrifugal pumps. We partner with Flex-A-Seal and Vulcan to provide single spring seals that are equivalent to and interchangeable with those from John Crane, AES, Flygt, Sepco, Flowserve, Pac-Seal, U.S. Seal, and other manufacturers.

We offer single spring mechanical seals in a wide range of configurations in accordance with common industry and OEM standards. Numerous seal face materials are available, from carbon, silicon carbide, and tungsten carbide to other specialized options; a variety of o-ring elastomers are also available, including Viton, EPDM, Buna, and other common and exotic materials. We can provide single spring seal with any material combination you may need.

The Right Single Spring Seal for Your Application

Most of the time, our customers already know the size and configuration of the single spring seals they need. However, if you’re uncertain which options you need, Delmar Company can help you select the right single spring mechanical seal for your application. To ensure that you receive the proper single spring mechanical seal for your pump, we use a series of questions we call STAMPS. Please keep the following questions in mind when specifying your spring seal:

  • S: Size of the rotating shaft to be sealed
  • T: Temperature range in which the single spring seal will be used
  • A: Application in which it will be used
  • M: Media the seal will be containing
  • P: Pressure range in which the spring seal will be used
  • S: Speed it must withstand (maximum pump RPMs)

Contact Us for Single Spring Seals for Centrifugal Pumps

If you need single spring mechanical seals for your centrifugal pumps, you need Delmar Company. Request a quote for the spring seal you need, or contact us to learn more.