Quality & Engineering

At Delmar Company, we specialize in CNC plastic machining and custom plastic fabrication. We utilize a wide range of material and resources to create complex plastic parts with tight tolerances of ±0.005” or better.

Each and every product we manufacture undergoes rigorous quality control testing before it is shipped to our customers. Our quality team ensures accuracy and design compliance, and tracks every order from the initial price quote to final shipment of the completed products.

We are an ISO 9001:2015certified company.

Quality Control Processes

  • Climate-controlled machine shop with advanced tooling and inspection equipment
  • SolidWorks CAD/CAM software for CNC machining and prototyping
  • All CNC plastic machining and custom plastic fabrication performed in-house
  • Automated, programmable CMM quality engineering system provides faster and more accurate part testing
  • All production and inspection equipment is calibrated regularly to maintain peak performance and accuracy
  • All parts are warrantied by Delmar Company. Contact us for complete warranty information

Controlled Production Environments

We perform all our fabrication processes in a climate controlled environment, which helps us maintain the tight tolerances our customers require. We eliminate any potential metal contamination of our plastic products by performing all metalworking processes in separate areas of our facility. Additionally, our machining, fabrication, and fluid sealing products divisions are segregated to improve the flow of production.

CAD/CAM Software

Our CNC machining centers utilize SolidWorks for design and Surfcam CAD/CAM software for all part production. This ensures that dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances are maintained, and allows for perfect repeatability from the first piece to the last, no matter what quantities you need.


Prototype machining is critical for new parts, metal-to-plastic part transitions, and expensive parts that require longevity or mass quantities. We manufacture prototypes and test them in the environments where the final product will be used to ensure that your needs for fit, form, and function are met before moving into full-scale production.

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