Compression Packing for I.K & I.R. Soot Blowers

I.K. (insertable kinetic) and I.R. (insertable rotating) soot blowers are important components in boilers in coal-fired power plants. Soot can cause significant performance and safety issues in these applications, and so it’s important to prevent it from escaping into the atmosphere. Soot blower compression packing is the most effective solution.

Manufactured from more robust, rugged material than other types of packing, soot blower compression packing helps ensure the safe and reliable operation of these critical devices. Delmar Company offers packing sets for I.K. and I.R. soot blowers, with a variety of options available from top manufacturers. We’ll work with you to find the best soot blower compression packing for your application.

The Right Soot Blower Packing for Your System

I.K. and I.R. soot blowers can be found in countless different configurations, so it’s important to find the right compression packing solution for your specific model. An array of soot blower packing kits are available to fit your needs.

All of the soot blower compression packing we offer are made from durable materials for extended service life and feature specialized designs that provide outstanding sealing at low gland loads for reliable performance in any application.

If you need or want soot blower packing from a specific manufacturer, please let us know and we will do our best to find the right product for your needs from your preferred manufacturer.

We offer soot blower compression packing in a range of standard sizes to fit most any requirement. However, if our standard soot blower packing sets don’t meet your specifications, we can, in some cases, work with manufacturers to produce custom compression packing for your application.

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