Modifying Plastic Components

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to produce plastic components that meet all your application or performance requirements. But, with a few modifications, those components can be transformed into exactly what you need. Delmar Company excels at modifying plastic components, and has the capabilities and the know-how to provide the modifications your products require.

Wide-Ranging Part Modification Capabilities

Every component modification project is different, and there’s no such thing as a “standard” modification. They can vary from simple jobs to highly complex operations. With our plastic machining, welding, bending, forming, gluing, and assembly capabilities, there are almost no limits to the modifications we can make to plastic components.

Examples of our plastic component modification capabilities include:

  • Cutting one end off a rotationally-molded plastic tank and turning it into a removable lid
  • Removing flash from injection molded parts
  • Combining two smaller vessel into one large tank
  • Adding tapped holes for hardware installation
  • Turning vacuum formed plastic canisters into clamshelled containers
  • Adding draw tubes to a liquid storage tank

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