Pump Compression Packing and Valve Compression Packing

Compression packing is a critical component in centrifugal pumps and valves. Compression packing is designed to prevent leaks, maintain safe operation, and help your equipment meet EPA emission requirements. This durable and flexible material is installed around the pump shaft inside the stuffing box and compressed to create a tight, leak-proof seal between the I.D. (the shaft) and the O.D. (pump housing/stuffing box). In valves, compression packing is wrapped around the valve stem.

Constructed of multiple strands of high strength yarn that are tightly braided together into a square profile, compression packing is often dipped or otherwise coated with other materials, such as PTFE or graphite, to make it more suitable for and effective in specialized applications.

Compression packing is also known as braided packing, mechanical packing, rope packing, valve stem packing, or simply packing.

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Compression Packing from Delmar Company

Delmar Company’s Sealing Products Division offers a variety of compression packing options to meet your application and performance requirements. We stock high-performance compression packing from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers and will work with you to determine which option is best for your needs.

Our inventory of compression packing includes:

If you want or need compression packing from a specific manufacturer for your application, please let us know and we will do our best to find the right product for your needs from your preferred manufacturer.

Custom Compression Packing

We offer compression packing in a range of standard sizes to fit most any application. However, if none of our standard packing options are right for your application, we can, in many cases, work with manufacturers to produce custom compression packing that meets your unique specifications.

The Right Compression Packing for Your Application

To ensure that you receive the best and most effective compression packing material for your application, we uses a series of questions, which we call STAMPS. Please keep the following questions in mind when specifying the compression packing you need:

  • S: Size of the pump or valve opening to be sealed
  • T: Temperature range in which the compression packing will be used
  • A: Application in which it will be used (centrifugal pump, rotary pump, valve, etc.)
  • M: Media—what must the packing prevent from leaking?
  • P: Pressure range in which it will be used
  • S: Speed the compression packing must withstand—high RPMs, centrifugal motion, etc.

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